Logo Design Process

Here is an example of my design process, walking through a logo designed for "the Collaborative."


The Collaborative is a space that connects academics with teachers in primary and secondary education, to encourage dialogue and collaboration between the two. For this identity, we wanted to create something simple that evoked feelings of community, and multiple people working together to create something more.

Services:Branding, Process

Final Logo

- process 1: Exploring font options. There would be some research during this stage as well.

process 01

- Process 2: Exploring some options for a logomark, and introducing some colour.
- We wanted something that can be used as part of the wordmark, and as a standalone logomark.

process 02

- Process 3: Variations based off of feedback from phase 2.
- In this case we wanted to work with more abstract shapes, like a circle and many parts completing the whole.

process 03

- Process 4: Finalizing colour on an accepted design.

process 04 Final Logo

-Styling sheet: In this project, I was simply to provided some basic styling recommendations for a very basic website and colours they can use for branding materials.


- Here are a few examples of other completed designs.



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