Web Learning Platform

Design for a teacher-facing web learning platform where teachers can create new content, add students and view student progress.

This is branded for early primary school students, to match in tone and feeling with the client's existing brand, and to mirror the student-facing side of the platform.

I worked on:
- UI
- UX
- Branding, overall look and feel.


Services:UI, Branding, Website, Mobile

Teacher Version - Group Selection
- The teacher also has access to a marketplace.

Teacher Marketplace - View Item
- And a simpler interface for the student-facing side.

Student Version - Activity


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Ami is a graphic designer and illustrator in Toronto, primarily working with education and training resources (both digital and print content) and mobile apps and games. In her spare time she likes drawing (a lot of cats really) and making her own games, books and comics to try out new ideas and learn new skills.

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