Cauldron Crafters

Cauldron Crafters is a 2-4 player tabletop board game where each player tries to have the alchemist workshop with the best reputation in the kingdom.

- Graphic design an layout of game elements (Cards, card backs, iconography, game boards, tokens, etc.)
- Art direction and illustration (Ingredients, recipes, logo, box cover, some request charcters, and cauldron workshops)
- Game designed in collaboration with my partner, Nikola Odic.
- Print production, and production of assets for digital version.

Also created as a digital version, playable on Tabletopia.

Client:Personal project

Services:Games, Branding, Print, Art

Cauldron Crafters - Box Art Showing the card decks for the gathering phase of Cauldron Crafters. Example of game set-up for a 2-player game of Cauldron Crafters. Close up of the forest ingredient cards. Player board set-up for the crafting phase of Cauldron Crafters. Request cards set up for Cauldron Crafters. Recipe and reputation cards for the inspiration phase of Cauldron Crafters.

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