MEOWgic Treasure

MEOWgic Treasure is a 2-4 player local multiplayer game where four meowgical adventurers compete to make their dreams come true! A side project, developed by my partner and I.

Collect meowgical orbs found around the level, once you have enough orbs rush to the treasure chest to win. But beware! Other cats can attack you to steal your meowgical power.

I created the artwork and animation, my partner handled all the dev side work in Unity.

- illustrations
- animations
- UI

Client:Personal project

Services:Games, Branding, Animation, Art

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Ami is a designer and illustrator in Toronto, primarily working with Education, Technology and Children’s Media projects. She is excited about making fun digital experiences, and loves designing UI for apps and games, digital content, books, illustration and simple motion graphics.

In her free time she likes drawing (a lot of cats really), and making her own books, comics and games.

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